We are the Royal Princesses and Knights, a fun loving group of high energy, caring individuals who work hard to give back to the community. We are a non-profit, charity organization that was founded in 1992 by two forward-thinking women. These women had a dream to give back to the community, so they formed a club and named it the Royal Princesses. One founding member has since passed away and the remaining founder is Princess Billie Carter.

Their plan was to give various fund raisers and use the proceeds to give scholarships to needy students in the community and also fund other charitable organizations like CCS, a shelter for battered and abused women. Men were brought into the club in 1994 and the club was organized as a 501(c)3 non-profit California corporation and the name of the club became the Royal Princesses and Knights (RP&Ks).

There are currently 10 members. Robert Carter is President and has held this position for the past 25 years. His vision has been to have the organization grow, both in image and the scholarship awards given each year.

Currently, the organization gives three fund raisers a year. One is a very classy, Black & White New Year’s Eve Ball. The second fund raiser is an all day, fun filled trip to Rosarito, Mexico, carrying bus loads of high energy party animals, and third, an authentic Mardi Gras Party with umbrellas and a second line dance. People come from far and near to participate in these events and the numbers continue to grow every year.

The Royal Princesses and Knights credit their many successes to their loyal and faithful supporters who frequent the fund raisers every year and the hard work and unselfishness of members past and present.

Hope Healing and Prevention

We Support:

The San Diego Center for Community Solutions.

Since 1969 CCS Has been commited to solving the problem of violence and abuse.improving the lives of survivor and changing the social conditions that breed and tolerate their existence.



Robert Carter

What can I say! Carter has given his guidance and leadership as President for nearly 17years now. He is truly the backbone of this wonderful group of over 19 different personalities. He invites and encourages all the members to participate and be creative. President Carter has a continuing commitment to make this Group the best in all of San Diego.



Billie Carter

Mrs. Carter has dedicated a large part of her life to make the Royal Princesses & Knights what it is today. Billie is the remaining founder of this 17-year-old charity organization. Billie held the position of Treasurer for 10 years and is currently the Events Coordinator. The other part of Billie’s life is devoted to her children, grandchildren and husband, Knight Carter, who she has been married to for over 39 years. She enjoys traveling, church worship and a great party!!!